Posted in Cozy, Monday, mystery on November 19, 2012

This week’s edition of Mystery Monday brings you the first book in the Amish Mystery series by author Laura Bradford.




Claire Weatherly has fled a high-stress lifestyle for a slower pace – in Amish Country: Heavenly, Pennsylvania.  She only planned a short visit but instead found herself opening an Amish specialty shop, Heavenly Treasures, and settling in.  Claire loves her new home, and she’s slowly making friends among the locals, including Esther, a young Amish woman who works in teh shop.  So when the store’s former owner, the unlikeable Walter Snow, is murdered, and the man Esther is sweet on becomes a suspect, Claire can’t help but get involved.

Newly returned Detective Jakob Fisher, who left Heavenly – and his Amish upbringing – as a teenager, is on the case.  But his investigation is stalled by the fact that none of his former community will speak with him.  Claire’s connections make her the perfect go-between.

As Claire investigates, she uncovers more than she wanted to know about her neighbors.  And suddenly, everything she had hoped to find in this peaceful refuge is at risk….