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Today I welcome author LJ Clarkson to StoreyBook Reviews and thought it would be fun to hear what the dogs do all day.  If they are anything like my two they save up all their energy until I get home and then demand lots of attention!

Woof! This day in the life of LJ Clarkson’s dogs is told from the perspective of Alpha (chocolate brown boy) and Delta (white, fluffball girl). Yes, yes we’ve heard the beta, omega and epsilon jokes roof roof!

LJ dog 1LJ dog 2
Alpha 1:30 AM: Brrr it’s a bit chilly. *jumps up on bed like a stealthy ninja and stares at Ras (LJ’s boyfriend Astro) until he wakes up and gets a fright * Ras lets me under the covers. Mmmm nice and warm zzz.

Delta 5:00 AM: I’m jealous, I want snuggles too *tap, tap, tap* Good. I’ve woken up Mum and she picks me up. Zzzzzz.

Alpha 8 AM: Mum’s awake yay! Breakfast time *tap dances and look between the cupboard and Mum* un num num I slurp up the bickies.

Delta 8 AM: I’m not getting up *lip caught on tooth*

Delta 8:05 AM: Mum made me get up. Muuummm! Brother’s always trying to steal my bickies.

Both dogs 8:30 AM: Sleepy time zzzz.

Delta 9:00 AM: Don’t want to sleep in my bed. Want to sit next to mum on Ras’ computer chair *stares up at mum till she notices me* Goodie! Mum puts a blankie on the chair and wraps me in it. You’re the best zzz.

Delta 9:10 AM: Huh? What? Go away Mum! She’s taking pictures of me again sleeping upside down with one eye open. Stop teasing me about looking like some guy called Sauron, the ever seeing eye of Lord of the Rings. Who’s that anyway? If Mum had a brother that always tries to steal her bed and whack her in the face with his wagging tail, she’d have to sleep on guard too. Zzzzz.

Alpha 11:30 AM: Huh? Where’s Mum going? Awww she’s going to the library and to get a coffee. That’s good, she’s leaving us inside to snuggle. Hope she brings us some bones. Zzz.

Delta 11:45 AM: Don’t like it when Mum leaves me home *wanders into the bedroom to steal one of Mum’s socks and leaves it in my bed*

Delta 12:05 PM: That’s it! Where’s Mum? *wanders into the bedroom to steal another sock and leave it in the lounge room* Zzz.

Alpha 12:30 PM: Mum’s home! Yay! *races to the door to greet her* Got any bones? Awwww don’t like waiting till the weekend for a bone.

Delta 12:31PM: Mum is laughing at my collection of socks *lip caught on tooth* It’s not funny. I get separation anxiety!

Alpha 4 PM: Muuuummm. Guess what time it is? Awwwww don’t tell me to go away cause you want to write for another 10 minutes.

Alpha 4:05 PM: Muuummm *puts head on her lap* Yes! Mum’s putting her walkies shoes on. Can’t hear you for calling me annoying, Mum!

Delta 5:20PM: Yay Ras is home! But brother is hogging him. I’ll just lick Ras to death to get his attention.

Delta 5:30PM: Brother’s tap dancing for food again. Gross it’s chicken mince with vegies (I can smell them). I want chicken wings!

Alpha 5:31PM: I’ll eat Sissy’s food. Awww don’t put it in the fridge.

Delta 10 PM: Mum and Ras are reading in bed. I fell asleep, but they woke me up. How rude! They’re teasing me because I snore. Do not!

Alpha 10PM: Geez. Wish Mum and Ras would hurry up and fall asleep so I can sneak in the bed. Zzzzz *falls asleep whilst waiting*


Thanks Alpha and Delta for telling us about a day in your life!  Our lives should be as good as yours!

You can find their Mommy’s book on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble