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The Widow's Son_Shawver


Title: The Widow’s Son

Author: Thomas Shawver

Genre: Mystery / Thriller


Thomas Shawver, author of The Dirty Book Murder and Left Turn at Paradise, returns to the surprisingly lethal world of rare books with a third enthralling novel featuring a most unlikely hero — antiquarian bookseller Michael Bevan.

A furious man from nearby Independence, Kansas demands that Michael Bevan return a rare first edition of the Book of Mormon, claiming that it was mistakenly sold by a disgruntled descendant of A.J. Stout. Contained on the frontispiece are a list of Ford names dating from 1845 to the present. Beside each name, save the last two, is a check mark – but what could the checks signify? With this discovery, Michael Bevan stumbles onto a trail of hatred and murder stretching back to 1844.


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Book 1 – The Dirty Book Murder is just $0.99 on Amazon (as of 7/26)


This was quite an interesting mystery that involves the death of the founder of the Mormon faith, Joseph Smith. He is killed and a blood atonement is made on the killer’s family for 7 generations by one of his guards.

Fast forward to today – the last generation and the last blood atonement, but the one tasked to kill has fallen in love with his intended victim. Insert an antique book dealer that wants to help the lovebirds get away by selling the killer’s antique Book of Mormon. Let’s just say that doesn’t go smoothly.

I thought this was a good read. There were times when it seemed I was missing something, and as I go back I notice this is the 3rd book in the series. That explains a lot! I didn’t have a foundation for Michael and Josie as people or their relationship. Goes to show you should always read a series in order.

There is a lot of religious information but I think it is needed to set up the story. I don’t think the mystery really starts right away but I think the lag was needed to provide the back story. I was surprised at how things played out at the end (where it really picked up speed) and did not expect a few twists.

This was enjoyable but suggest making sure you read the first 2 books to at least understand the personal relationships.

We give this 4 paws up.


About the Author

Thomas Shawver is a former marine officer, lawyer, and journalist with American City Business Journals. An avid rugby player and international traveler, Shawver owned Bloomsday Books, an antiquarian bookstore in Kansas City.

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