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chaos company


The highly effective team of genetically enhanced soldiers code-named Chaos Company has returned to the United States to be commended for their bravery. While on leave the team finds themselves at odds with the highly dangerous mercenary Liam King, who has been contracted to assassinate President Jennifer Grey. Chaos Company thwarts Liam’s attack, but at the cost of their team leader’s life.

With their leader killed the team looks to Corporal Desmond Striker to guide them in a hunt for Liam. During their hunt the team will find themselves in the cross-hairs of a private military company and have their abilities pushed to their limits. Before Chaos Company finally comes to blows with Liam they will discover that their greatest threat is a leader within their own country.


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“Wake up mate!” the man said, slapping an unconscious man in the face.

The middle-aged man woke up moved around hysterically. He didn’t realize he was constrained to a metal chair. Ropes were tied to his feet and handcuffs bound his wrists, causing him to fall over on his side the moment he rocked in his seat.

“Agh! Dammit!” he ached. All he saw was a bright light shining in his face. Outside of that there was nothing but darkness. The echo from his voice and the cold damp floor helped the man realize he was in a closed empty space. It didn’t take long for his eyes to adjust and discover he was inside the unfinished basement of his own home. He looked up at the man who had woken him but could not see his face. What he could see was the man about him wearing a military grade Kevlar vest and urban camouflage pants, attire that did not sit well with the restrained man.

The man standing over the captive stopped pacing back and forth for a moment, juggling the thought of smashing his boot into the frightened captive’s chest. After a long moment of silence he picked the captive up.

The prisoner shook vigorously, failing to keep his composure. “Do you know who I am?” the prisoner tried roaring in a threatening tone, but his voice faltered.

“Brian R. Fraser,” his capture said with an Australian accent. “Governor and native of Wisconsin. You got your MA in Political Science from UCLA before attending law School at North Carolina State. You’re married to Sarah Fraser, your high school sweetheart. You’re a fan of barbeques, hunting, and for some reason that’s…f*ing beyond me…ranting about international affairs you have no stake in.”

“Bravo.” Governor Fraser said, trying to keep his voice from cracking. “You googled me. If I wasn’t tied up I’d applaud you for being competent with a laptop.”

“I also know you cheated on your bar exam.”

Keeping a cool head during a crisis was a trait the press had identified with Fraser. He took a breath, and swallowed the fear that occupied him. “So you paid off one of my friends. Am I supposed to be impressed?”

Fraser’s kidnapper stood in front of him and pulled out a needle filled with a greenish-yellow liquid. “How about this? You know what this is?”

“Some kind of dope you took to make you think going after me was a good idea?”

The Australian laughed while twirling the needle in hand. “I like that. Calm under pressure. But you see that’s how all men like you start.” He dangled the needle between his fingers. “It’s a heavy sedative. I borrowed it from your doctor. Well, you could say I traded him for it.”

“A trade?”

“Yeah. I took this and he took a bullet to the head. Seemed like a fair trade.” The Australian said while shrugging his shoulders.

About the Author

Christopher Slayton was born and raised in New Castle, Delaware. During Chris’ high school years he earned two All-Conference awards in lacrosse and three national awards in JROTC. Chris attended the University of Delaware, where he earned a B.A. in Psychology. While in college Chris was a UD ambassador, and wrote sketches for his school’s comedy show. Chris was a member of his school’s Tae Kwon Do team, where he earned multiple honors in nine tournaments. Chris has incorporated his passion for both martial arts and videogames into his writing, helping him finish his first ebook Chaos Company.