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case of the yellow diamond


A dead man on the floor of his office in Minneapolis wont lead P.I. Sean Sean to journey to Yap Island to protect his new client. Bombs in lawyers cars only jostle him. This short investigator knows the value of research and asking questions in the right places. World War II, Asian diamonds and concrete in Des Moines combine to almost destroy a Minnesota family. In the end, Sean detects flaws in the plans and brings down a criminal enterprise.


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The guy sprawled on my office floor was dead. I didn’t need my years of experience as a private snoop to know that. The big bloody hole in his bare chest clued me in. The recently deceased was about seventy, I judged, and portly, overweight, even. he was a white man wearing expensive sandals and what was probably an upscale pair of boxer-style swimming trunks. They looked dry, but I didn’t touch them to verify that. I sniffed.The blood smell was strong and the dark pool under his right shoulder was just starting to congeal. I didn’t smell any gunpowder. I recognized him, of course. I stepped carefully around the body to avoid getting blood on my favorite tennis shoes and picked up my recently acquired cell phone to dial 911. after that I called my friend Ricardo Simon, an experienced investigator with the Minneapolis Pd. I sometimes talked with him about puzzling aspects of my cases.

I wasn’t your typical taciturn PI who viewed every cop as a potential enemy. I was atypical in a lot of ways. I often wore red Converse, for example. The ones with white soles. “Detective Simon,” he answered.

“Sean,”I said.“you remember my case involving diamond smuggling?”

“of course.”

“My principal suspect’s dead.In my office. large-caliber gunshot to the upper chest.”

“Preston Pederson? wow. did you kill him?”

“No, I just found him.”

“Call 911?”

“of course.”

Ricardo hummed for a few seconds, then said,“appears you’ll have to revisit your case while reordering your thinking. hmm. Stay in touch.”

“Thanks,”I said and clicked off.

This case was getting more and more complicated. The case to which I referred started a few weeks ago in a suburb of Saint Paul. Actually, the case started years ago, in a previous century and about six thousand miles to the west. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

About the Author

Before he became a mystery writer and reviewer, Brookins was a counselor and faculty member at Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Brookins and his wife are avid recreational sailors.

He is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and Private Eye Writers of America. He can frequently be found touring bookstores and libraries with his companions-in-crime, The Minnesota Crime Wave.

He writes the sailing adventure series featuring Michael Tanner and Mary Whitney. The third novel is Old Silver. His new private investigator series features Sean NMI Sean, a short P.I. The first is titled The Case of the Greedy Lawyers. Brookins received a liberal arts degree from the University of Minnesota and studied for a MA in Communications at Michigan State University.

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