Posted in 5 paws, BEA, Children, Review on May 19, 2016

Today’s children’s book from BEA is Busy, Busy by Eileen Spinelli and illustrated by Eliana Ellis.  This is a board book so perfect for my great-niece right now.

busy busy


Sometimes, when life gets hectic and schedules get crowded, children may feel a little lost in the shuffle. In this new board book, the animals are all quite occupied. Beaver is busy; squirrel is busy; frog is busy. Mole is digging, bear is fishing, and cat is pouncing. And like many parents, Mama is busy too. But she’s not too busy for a hug! Children will love the busy animals and the warm conclusion. This lighthearted, lyrical book will gently reassure children that, in spite of how busy their families are, there is always time to share love.

Ages 2-5


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This is a board book and so not very long, but let’s the child know that even though everyone is busy through the day, mom isn’t too busy to cuddle with her child. It sends a good message to children that lets them know that they are loved.

5 paws up for this book!