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Apple Adventure


Book #1 – Amazing Apples!

Celia is bored. And with everyone in her family busy she doesn’t know what to do…until her dad gives her a task that leads to her best day ever; the day she meets Cedric and their yummy adventures begin!


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Dirt Balls


Book #2 – Eat Dirt Balls!

After a rainy night Celia had a fun idea as usual. Who knew that what started out as mud and grass clippings would turn out to be the most delicious, delectable snack they or anyone else had tasted…yes, even her teenage brother, Jake.


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Little Green Dragon


Book #3 – Little Green Dragon

Celia and Cedric meet a new friend! In this new adventure, they meet the little green dragon who becomes a fun playmate and an inspiration for a yummy new recipe. Celia and Cedric enjoy the Little Green Dragon’s smoothie and you can too!


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I had the opportunity to read and review these 3 children’s books and if you have young children that you want them to enjoy a book and learn something at the same time, well these are the books that fill the bill.

These may be a kid’s books but it sends a good message about eating healthy. I like that it encourages children to think about food in a healthy way and in the first book, there is a recipe for Apple cake and there are 3 versions given: a regular version, a gluten free version and a Paleo version. What more could you ask for when given a recipe in a book?! 

The second book has Celia & Cedric outside trying to make treats from mud/dirt. Mom steps in and has them make dirt balls from healthy ingredients. They find it is easy to make and a delicious treat too. Even big brother likes it.

The third book has Celia & Cedric playing outside and trying to evade a green dragon. Mom has another treat up her sleeve, this time it is a smoothie and it is green thanks to the spinach. I have seen many recipes for smoothies with spinach and have yet to try one myself, but perhaps one day I’ll add a handful.

If you have young children definitely a series to give them and encourage them to think and eat healthy and even trying the recipe in the book. It looks easy enough and quite tasty too.

We give these books 5 paws up.


About the Authors

ellen kurtMother and daughter team Erin Kurt, B.Ed. and mom, Laara Exsnar, B.Ed, RHN, have joined forces to write fun, adventurous stories with their little characters Celia and Cedric. Erin, a former school teacher and mother of two young kiddies, and Laara, a retired school teacher and now nutritionist, have a passion for families, health and yummy food. Bringing their combined experitise together they’ve created a Read and Bake Series they hope will bring families continuous hours of fun and enjoyment.

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